Role of Internal Audit Special Interest Group

The group will be the key way for CIPFA to connect with the internal audit community.

The key activities of the group include:

  • providing insights on the issues and challenges internal auditors are experiencing
  • providing feedback to CIPFA on its products and services
  • supporting a programme of thought leadership from CIPFA with suggestions for articles or longer research pieces and contributing articles themselves
  • supporting CIPFA products and services with suggestions for conference speakers or topics of interest to internal auditors
  • feeding back to any regional or sectoral groups on CIPFA activities or forthcoming events
  • opportunity to work on internal audit related projects
  • opportunity to network with other internal audit practitioners.

The group is an advisory group and does not have a decision making role. CIPFA’s role as the standard setter for internal audit in local government is supported by the Internal Audit Standards Advisory Board, co-operating with the other standard setters for internal audit in the public services to support the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS). The Special Interest Group does have a role in supporting CIPFA in its role as the standard setter by providing a forum for raising issues of interest to internal auditors in the practical application of PSIAS.

The group is supported by Diana Melville, Lead Advisor for the CIPFA Better Governance Forum.