Local Authority Accounting Panel


This Local Authority Accounting Panel focuses on local government accounting and financial reporting issues and produces guidance for practitioners. To provide timely advice on emerging issues it issues:

Local Authority Accounting Panel Bulletins

Technical Accounting Alerts

The panel also oversees the annual Local Authority Accounting Conference.

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What's going on?

Cipfa Briefing on Leases

To support the formal CIPFA/LASAAC Consultation on IFRS 16, CIPFA has issued Local Authority Leases Briefing 1 (PDF, 227KB). 

Local Authority Accounting Conferences – July 2018

The Local Authority Accounting Conferences will be held in July 2018. See the CIPFA conferences page for details.

These are the key events to attend to find out the very latest developments in local government financial reporting. 


CIPFA's codes of practice and related guidance help local authorities in the UK to maintain the highest possible standards in financial reporting consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Discussion paper

The Local Authority Accounting Panel has issued

This discussion paper has been developed by Stephen Sheen (LAAP member) to assist local authorities who are actively considering such schemes and to indicate the areas where issues might arise.

Feedback will be considered by the panel as part of their wider review to identify whether further guidance is needed in this area.


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