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Questionnaire on Accounting for Insurance Funds

This Questionnaire on Accounting for Insurance Funds (Word 440 KB) will primarily be of interest to authorities which operate an Insurance Fund. It requests comments regarding the updating of existing LASAAC guidance on accounting for insurance, dating from 2005.

The questionnaire primarily relates to supporting the consistent presentation of Insurance Fund arrangements and transactions in authority annual accounts. It is not envisaged that this will affect the actual operation of Insurance Funds nor change authorities risk management arrangements.

Specific areas for which comments are requested are:

  • The principles underlying the treatment and presentation of  Insurance Fund arrangements in authority annual accounts
  • Insurance Fund premiums charged to services
  • Initial and Additional Contributions from the General Fund and services (also rebates provided to the General Fund / services)
  • The presentation within the authority’s Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement of the Insurance Account surplus or deficit for the year 
  • The treatment and presentation of provisions created in respect of anticipated losses or damages.
  • Any other areas for guidance. 
Any additional comments on the ease, or burden, of making presentational changes and the speed of implementation would be welcome.

Response Request

Responses are requested by end of day 30 March 2018, submitted to