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Technical Accountancy Support Service Northern Ireland (TASS)

The Technical Accountancy Support Service (TASS) was set up in September 2005 to support finance officers in district councils in Northern Ireland and the Department of the Environment’s (DOE) local government division on a range of key local government initiatives.

This work has included input into the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting, the Service reporting code of practice (SeRCOP, previously the BVACOP), a set of pro forma accounts and guidance notes as well as a cash flow statement toolkit and associated guidance notes. 

The TASS also provides training and support to finance practitioners in local government in Northern Ireland through its technical enquiry service and formal training sessions during the year. The aim of these web pages is to build up an additional valuable and relevant resource for you to use in your role in local government finance.


London Borough of Bromley: Principal Finance Officer

BR11 to BR14 £33,598 to £44,216): London Borough of Bromley: This is an opportunity to be a key part of a highly motivated, strong performing and friendly Accountancy team within the Finance division. London