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Code of Practice on Local Authority Transport Infrastructure Assets – supporting documents

These supporting materials were developed by the Highways Asset Management Financial Information Group to help authorities comply with the requirements of the Highways Network Asset Code.

2019/20 Highways Network Asset Valuations

Structures Valuation 

Updated 10 March 2020

The Structures Asset Valuation and Investment tool (SAVI) has been developed by UK Bridges Board (endorsed by CIPFA and HAMFIG) as an update to the Structures Toolkit (SAMPT). It is now hosted on the UKRLG website at The toolkit continues to support all local authorities in completing their annual structures valuations., and supports the calculation of GRC, DRC, accumulated depreciation and annual depreciation values for structures.

SAVI has been developed in full compliance with the Highways Network Asset Code.

The current version of SAVI includes indexation values for 2018/19. Updated indexation values will be required in order to complete the 2019/20 valuations. These will be provided on the UKRLG website when the ROCOS indexes are updated.

The Valuation Toolkit will continue to be published on this CIPFA page. Updates to the Valuation Variables file will be published in due course when the data is available

Valuation Toolkit

Updated 18 June 2019

2018/19 Valuation Toolkit

This toolkit has been created to support local authorities in completing their 2018/19 transport infrastructure valuations. The toolkit is compliant with the Highways Network Asset Code and supports the calculation of:

  • GRC values for carriageways and land; and
  • GRC, DRC, accumulated depreciation and annual depreciation values for footways and cycleways, street lighting, street furniture and traffic management equipment.

UKPMS systems reports provide accumulated depreciation and annual depreciation values for carriageways.

The 2015/16 Valuation Toolkit continues to be current for 2018/19 valuation but should be updated with the 2018/19 variable file which includes the latest rates.

Please note that local authorities should now undertake the following steps to complete their 2018/19 valuations:

  • Download and save the 2015/16 Valuation Toolkit, Version 2.6 (if not already completed).
  • Populate the toolkit by following the instructions provided within it (if not already completed).
  • Download and save the 2018/19 Valuation Toolkit Variables File, Version 1.5.
  • Update the Valuation Toolkit by pressing the 'Update Rates' button on the homepage of the toolkit and then follow the instructions.

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