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Collaborative training

We have a proven track record in developing collaborative recruitment and training schemes that help you and other public sector organisations to reduce costs without compromising quality.

Collaborative schemes

Some of the schemes we have been involved with are:

  • Nottinghamshire Co-operative Training scheme (above) –an innovative scheme with 9 employers in Nottinghamshire joining forces to recruit and train graduates to become CPFAs. Read more about the Nottinghamshire Training Scheme in the Guardian.
  • Society of London Treasurer's recruitment scheme – a collaborative scheme of London Boroughs recruiting for CIPFA trainees. Over 250 participants have been placed since 2003. 97% of graduates stay for the duration of the scheme or longer.
  • NHS Scotland Financial Management training scheme – all 22 health boards in Scotland have the opportunity to participate in the annual scheme which recruits trainees to work at participating boards for the duration of their CIPFA studies.

How we can help

We have been a driving force behind schemes that allow organisations to co-operate on their recruitment or training to deliver high quality results, whilst significantly saving costs. All the schemes have had impressive results with:

  • High application numbers
  • Quality candidates
  • High pass rates
  • High retention rates

Talk to us to find out more We can help you with your recruitment or training needs, email or call 020 7543 5757.