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From AAT to CIPFA, take your career further using our fast track route.

What is the AAT fast track route?

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification provides an excellent starting point to a career in accountancy. But it needn’t stop there. Moving on to gain a chartered accountancy qualification will build on your existing skills and improve your knowledge, making you more marketable as an employee and improving your earning potential and career prospects.

CIPFA Professional Accounting QualificationAAT members are eligible for:

  • free exemptions from Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Company Financial Reporting, leaving just nine papers to sit
  • free exemption from Audit and Assurance provided students have successfully completed External Auditing as an optional AAT module
  • 200 days from the 400 required in the Practical Experience Portfolio (PEP) for full MAATs.

If you're eligible for AAT full membership (MAAT) or you're already a full member, you can get a discount on your membership fee while you study with CIPFA.

Not only is CIPFA the ideal route to chartered public finance accountant status, and AAT members save up to £400 as they will pay no exemption fees. CIPFA is the only accountancy body to provide exemptions to AAT members at no cost.

Please note that the above information applies only to those who are AAT members. Those who are AAT qualified but are not members will receive the same free examination exemptions, however they will not be entitled to the reduced PEP requirement and the full 400 days will have to be completed.

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