Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Course dates and fees

Find information for CETC course dates listed below. Students can also find information on fees for courses, learning materials and other CETC services in the Fees & Fees Policy document.

Autumn 2021 resit revision packages (for September 2021 examinations)

The resit revision package is a blended learning package for students to have the opportunity to practise their exam technique as well as revise the skills and knowledge needed. This will then be supported by either two or three interactive virtual classroom sessions. These sessions will focus on the areas of the syllabus that are known to be causing students the most difficulty through the mock exams, areas of the syllabus that students specifically request the tutor to cover, and those that the tutor feels will be most beneficial to the students in the group.

Resit revision packages are designed to give students the opportunity to resit an exam and get back on track to complete the qualification as planned without having the stress of examinations for new modules alongside resit modules. The flexibility of online delivery means that recordings of the sessions will be made available to participants to view again or to view at a time convenient to them so as to cause as little disruption as possible to work and personal lives. 

Autumn 2021 course dates (for December 2021 examinations)



Enrolment date: 26 July 2021

All students undertaking CIPFA Professional Qualification courses studies must ensure that they are registered as a student member with CIPFA in order to register for examinations and to access online materials.