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The CIPFA Education and Training Centre (CETC) offers a wide range of study support to assist you through our various qualifications. Whether it be the Professional Qualification modules, or any of our academies or international courses, CETC study support is available to enhance your learning.

Professional Qualification

CIPFA’s Professional Qualification ensures the development of skills, knowledge and understanding far beyond technical accountancy. It is designed to develop the full range of professional skills required by leaders in public financial management.

Certificate in Financial Reporting for Academies


CIPFA has developed this certificate working with the National College for School Leadership, for those working in, and with, to help them meet academy financial reporting responsibilities.

Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards

This certificate is essential in demonstrating your knowledge of IPSAS and their application. The certificate covers each of the Standards in detail. CETC offers tuition support on IPSAS, allowing individuals and organisations to test how these standards may affect you.

More international qualifications

CIPFA has developed a series of integrated qualifications, such as the Professional Qualification in International Public Financial Management, aimed at the global market. These cover different international standards, and enable students across the world to qualify as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA). CETC has developed teaching and learning materials (slides, teaching notes, workbooks etc) to support the development of training organisations and students in locations across the world.

For further information on any of the above qualifications please contact us on 0207 403 4300 or at