Corporate Services Benchmarking Clubs

CIPFA is the market leader in local government comparative data. With over 100 years of experience, our team can offer you unrivalled expertise and operate to the highest standards. Measuring the cost and performance of service delivery will help you to understand where your organisation can transform and streamline services.

Corporate Services comparative data sets

Our Corporate Services Benchmarking Clubs cover the key back office functions that you will need to improve if you are to maximise your efficiency.

We have made a number of significant and important improvements for 2019 and beyond.

We provide online access to all outputs for your entire organisation through our Portal here.

Please follow the link to see the 2019 Terms and Conditions.

Revenues and benefits

Benefits Administration

Council Tax


Non-Domestic Rates


Human Resources


Pensions Administration




Risk Management



Treasury Management





  • With 14 data sets available, our clubs provide you with a one-stop shop for comparative performance data.
  • All areas of local authority activity are covered, which means that we have something for everyone.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and learn from your peers to reduce your project implementation costs and timescales.
  • Create your own reports using our interactive benchmarking tools, as explained in this video.
  • CIPFA's over 100 years’ experience means that we understand your issues and challenges.
  • We can link a wide range of additional services to support your complete transformation projects.

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