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Procurement Benchmarking Club

This benchmarking club provides benchmarking on procurement, one of the greatest challenges facing the public sector. Authorities spend huge amounts of money with a wide range of suppliers, and providing value for money and where possible achieving savings are of paramount importance in the climate of authorities’ reducing budgets.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps drive improvements and deliver value for money.

By measuring your back office functions and comparing performance to similar organisations, you can identify where changes are needed and improve efficiency.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire has been developed by a pilot group of practitioners from across the public sector.

The exercise supports the procurement function in two ways:

  1. It helps authorities to share data on a wide range of procurement topics and to network with colleagues in other authorities.
  2. A key question examines where authorities were successful in making savings – providing an excellent resource for authorities to identify which areas are most worth investing procurement resource in.

Areas covered are:

  • examination of organisational expenditure with third parties
  • the remit of the procurement function
  • use of technology
  • measuring savings and targets
  • size, structure and cost of procurement function
  • collaborative procurement
  • sourcing strategy
  • contract management.


Join and you'll benefit from:

  • clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires
  • helpline and email service
  • detailed comparative reports
  • club database, interactive report, collated text questions.

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