Transforming services through data

This half-day event was held at CIPFA HQ in London on 2 March, 2016. It brought together experts who believe that data is at the heart of re-designing new services.

Working with data 

This session looked at the drivers that influence change. What relationship is there between analytic's and the political drivers for change. There is also a skills issues with understanding what to do with the data, and Tim gave some useful links to evidence his thinking about what needs to happen.

Tim Allen - Director and Principal of UK Research and Consultancy Services

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Benchmarking to improve

CIPFAs' Information Services team have been collecting data for over a 100 years. The corporate services are the back bone of many organisation and without an efficient back office that is constantly looking to improve front line services will suffer. Getting cohorts of local government teams to participate is how we help to add that value to what they do by collecting relevant data and allowing them to use our interactive tools to interrogate the information to help make informed decisions 

Chris Greene - CIPFA Head of Information Services, Mark Hak-Sanders - CIPFA Advisor

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Case study - utilising data to transform insurance services

This session focused on evidence found during benchmarking, and how developing the baseline is the best way to set future objectives and measure progress.

Ray Chitty - Tri-Borough Insurance Manager

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January 2016 Monthly Report

Update on the 2014 Project Initiation Document

CFO Insights - the online financial analysis tool

This tool can provide the information needed for a council to understand the factors that contribute towards areas of deprivation and to compare similar organisations so that you are able to develop a better picture of who you could invest resources to develop better social outcomes for those areas.

Phil Woolley - Grant Thornton Partner

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