Housing Assets and Estates Management CIPFAstats+ Datasets

This theme's datasets enable councils to monitor the effectiveness of their Housing Revenue Account (HRA) – particularly relevant given the housing crisis, recent HRA reforms and tighter regulation of the housing sector.


Planning Dashboard

Planning analysis is split into two dashboards, one on County and the other on District Matters. Both dashboards use General Fund RO data to analyse expenditure and income over areas such as planning policy, environmental initiatives, and community development. The rest of the dashboards employ live planning data to provide information on performance across key departmental outputs, including applications received and decided on, decisions granted and refused and enforcement activity.

What is the benefit? 

Planning matters: those who do not make a plan, plan to fail. Here we outline data on county and district matters allowing you a current and up-to-date view of key metrics within your income and expenditure.  




Housing Revenue Account Dashboard

This upcoming Power BI dashboard will contain analysis on CIPFA’s HRA statistics. Comprising local authority data that will be evaluated across multiple years, indicators likely to be included within the dashboard range from HRA Dwelling Stock, Average Weekly Rent per Dwelling, HRA Reserves, Expenditure and Income. Data for English and Scottish authorities are set to be included within the dashboard, which is likely to be released and updated in the early months of each year.

What is the benefit? 

A comparative tool to help you evaluate across time and multiple indices within the very important HRA statistical remit.