Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Public Health (England) CIPFAstats+ Datasets

The dataset will provide a comprehensive overview of health and social wellbeing. When placed alongside financial and performance information, the information will ensure socioeconomic factors are considered in resilience testing.

Public Health England Dashboard

The new Power BI dashboard will utilise the latest Public Health England and MHCLG data. The interactive charts and tools will build up a detailed view of how public services within your authority compare to others. The dashboard will provide detailed analysis of the following areas: obesity, dementia, disability, drug and alcohol abuse, life expectancy, limiting long-term illness, mental health, mobility and falls, mortality, sexual abuse, suicide and wellbeing.

What is the benefit?

Comprehensive and detailed understanding of how to deliver these health services within your own authority, while having the ability to compare with others, is crucial for your decision making in the current climate and beyond.