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Fire and rescue comparative profiles

These profiles use the latest CIPFAstats and Home Office data, to provide simple and easy to read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how your fire and rescue service compares to others.

The fire and rescue service comparative profiles are provided at the request of fire and rescue services from around the UK.

The comparative profiles enable you to examine how your service costs and performance compare to your peers. This provides decision makers with a quick, inexpensive way to engage with the most recent comparative and benchmarking data to support evidence-based decision making for your transformation projects.

What is included?

The profiles look at the following aspects of fire and rescue service provision:

  • fire stations and appliances
  • costs of running the fire and rescue service
  • sources of funding and income
  • levels of staffing and turnover
  • return of incidents and injuries sustained
  • service response times, and
  • fire safety audits and inspections.

The comparative profiles pack

The fire and rescue service profile pack is tailored to your fire service and contains three PDF profiles, which compare your service to:

  • all fire and rescue services in your tier
  • all fire and rescue services across the UK
  • a selection of your choice.

In addition, you will receive an interactive Excel tool to enable you to analyse the data further and export charts for your own reports. 


There are a number of benefits from signing up:

  • professional reports from a trusted source
  • no additional work required as they draw on data returns already made
  • it will help you to understand the performance of your services better
  • spotting potential areas for savings and improvement
  • identifying services who are performing well
  • saving time and money on analysing the data yourself
  • provides evidence for performance assessments
  • get involved and help us develop the profiles to be even better.

How to order

Our Latest Fire and Rescue Service profile pack is available for £950 + VAT.

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