Fighting Fraud Locally 2011

The Local Government Fraud Strategy

Fighting Fraud Locally, published in 2011, was the first counter fraud strategy for local authorities. It set out the challenges facing local authorities and the response required, noting the good work already carried out and proposing action to overcome the barriers to further progress.

The initiative was supported and hosted by the National Fraud Authority (NFA) and was supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Local Government Association (LGA), local government representative organisations and council chief executives.

Over 400 individuals from a wide range of councils and local government bodies were consulted during the development of the strategy, which meets a recommendation made in Fighting Fraud Together (2011), the old national plan to reduce fraud.

Fighting Fraud Locally: 2012 Review (NFA, 2012) looks at the initiatives that were progressed in the year after the strategy was published.

The report provides an update on activities, including cross sector collaboration and the provision of tools to local authorities to assist them in their fight against fraud.

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Fighting Fraud Locally Strategy 2011

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Fighting Fraud Locally Review 2012

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