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Fraud Risk Wheel

Identifying and assessing fraud risks is only the first step. To help you manage your fraud risk process more effectively – and boost your fraud defences – we have developed detailed guidance on how to mitigate different fraud risks.

We have brought together the main fraud risks faced by public sector organisations in an interactive, online reference tool - the Fraud Risk Wheel. 

It explores how the risks arise and the steps or controls that can be put in place to mitigate them. 

It also includes case studies to illustrate how similar organisations have dealt with the issues.

It is designed to help you:

  • conduct your fraud risk assessment and create a fraud risk mitigation plan – use the tool to check that you have included all possible risk factors and the associated controls
  • present fraud risks to your senior management team in a dynamic and engaging way – simply by logging onto the CIPFA website
  • train staff on how to identify possible fraudulent activity and the actions they can take to prevent fraud from occurring
  • review your organisation’s fraud risks in response to major changes, such as service mergers, major new contracts or significant staff changes.

Featured fraud risks 

The Wheel covers five of the most prevalent fraud risks:

  • Expenses fraud - the submission of false, inflated or duplicate expenses for financial gain or to cause loss to another
  • Procurement fraud - the numerous fraud risks that can occur throughout the procurement process
  • Gifts and hospitality fraud - inappropriate offers of gifts, hospitality and benefits in kind from a third party
  • Pensions fraud - pensions fraudulently obtained, payments made under false pretences and pensions liberated fraudulently for financial gain or to cause loss to another
  • Social housing fraud - key selling, application fraud, unlawful sub-letting, succession fraud and right to buy

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Once you have purchased the Wheel, an unlimited number of your colleagues can access it simply by registering on the CIPFA website using their work email address.

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If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, there's no need to purchase the Wheel - you and your colleagues have automatic access to it as part of your subscription.

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