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Financial Fraud Action UK

We are supporting Financial Fraud Action UK's campaign to educate organisations across the public and private sectors about the dangers of two specific types of fraud:

  • invoice fraud, where criminals send in fake requests for payment
  • phone fraud, where companies are telephoned and tricked into revealing important payment details.

To raise awareness and help individuals avoid being scammed, FFA UK has produced a set of colourful posters and leaflets aimed at staff who deal with suppliers and supplier accounts.

Please click on the links below to download the materials, which can then be printed and placed on staff room noticeboards or emailed internally.

Additional information for Counter Fraud Centre subscribers

To complement the posters and leaflets, subscribers to the Counter Fraud Centre can also download a PowerPoint presentation. It highlights the warning signs of phone and invoice fraud and what can be done to prevent them, making it ideal for staff meetings.  

Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) is the name under which the financial services industry co-ordinates its activity on fraud prevention. It works in partnership with the UK Cards Association, the Fraud Control Steering Group and the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company on initiatives to prevent fraud on credit and debit cards, on non-card fraud and on credit clearing and cheque fraud.

FFA UK also works with TUFF to jointly fund the fraud awareness website Out of Your Hands. It is aimed at teaching staff and is linked to core curriculum areas.

FFA UK invoice fraud leaflet

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FFA UK invoice fraud poster

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FFA UK phone fraud leaflet

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FFA UK phone fraud poster

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