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Whistleblowing e-learning

An accessible, interactive e-learning course for staff on whistleblowing and why it is important.

Staff are the eyes and ears of any organisation, and whistleblowing arrangements are a vital component of good governance and risk management.

The CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre has worked with the leading whistleblowing charity, Public Concern at Work (PCaW) and audit, advisory, accounting and tax specialists Mazars to create an accessible, easy to navigate e-learning course on whistleblowing.

Watch a video preview of the e-learning.

About the e-learning

The e-learning is designed for use in organisations to show all staff how to raise and report concerns at work and to clarify ‘grey areas’ around processes, complaints and definitions.

Featuring high profile examples plus sector specific case studies, the courses help your staff to understand:

  • what is and what is not whistleblowing
  • the arrangements you have in place
  • how best to blow the whistle/raise concerns
  • where staff can blow the whistle/raise concerns
  • what staff can expect and how their organisation will support them
  • rights and options for support
  • why whistleblowing is so important.

There are currently two versions of the e-learning available:

  • one for local authorities
  • one designed for charities.


  • The e-learning is designed to complement your organisation’s own whistleblowing guidelines and policies.
  • The content is brought to life through high-profile case studies and relatable scenarios.
  • It is designed for all staff and would be an effective addition to your employee induction programme.
  • All elements of the package are accessible on any device with an internet connection.
  • On request, we can report on the staff who have completed the e-learning.

One of your subscription benefits

If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you receive 10% off.

How to buy

Please click on the relevant link below to begin your purchase. You will have the chance to select the course relevant to your sector (either local authority or charity) before you complete the purchase. 

If you have purchased the e-learning, click here to login to access the courses.

If you or your organisation has any queries, please direct to for a quote.

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