Accountancy Benchmarking Club

This benchmarking club covers accountancy, which forms the core of every finance function and covers a wide range of areas. For this reason, it is possibly the hardest service to measure and benchmark.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps drive improvements and deliver value for money. By measuring your back office functions and comparing performance to similar organisations, you can identify where changes are needed and improve efficiency.

The process

The total cost of the accountancy function and staff full time equivalents are allocated across the services being supported using the standard Service Reporting Code of Practice (SeRCOP) service analysis.

We then compare the accountancy cost per £1,000 gross revenue turnover for the authority and by service. We also compare the accountancy staff FTE per £m gross revenue turnover for the authority and by service.

We collect staffing (central and local) and cost data for the following defined activities:

  • financial strategy and planning
  • financial advice
  • budget preparation
  • budget monitoring
  • preparation of final accounts
  • technical research and major projects
  • systems support
  • treasury management.


Join and you'll benefit from:

  • clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires
  • helpline and email service
  • detailed comparative reports
  • club database, interactive report, collated text questions.

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