Debtors Benchmarking Club

The debtors benchmarking club collects the transactional volumes and processing costs (wherever they occur in the organisation) for all methods of invoicing and collection of the organisation’s debts (excluding council tax, NDR and benefits overpayment recovery where handled outside of the debtors function).

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps drive improvements and deliver value for money. By measuring your back office functions and comparing performance to similar organisations, you can identify where changes are needed and improve efficiency.

The process

Once the data has been collected it is then further analysed by:

  • type of debt, eg residential care, sundry debtors etc
  • collection performance
  • aged debt, and
  • methods of payment accepted.

This enables informed comparisons to be made of the processing cost per invoice and the overall cost to an organisation of its debtor function, and highlights differences of approach.


Join and you'll benefit from:

  • clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires
  • helpline and email service
  • detailed comparative reports
  • club database, interactive report, collated text questions.

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