Procurement Benchmarking Club

This benchmarking club provides benchmarking on procurement, one of the greatest challenges facing the public sector. Authorities spend huge amounts of money with a wide range of suppliers, and providing value for money and where possible achieving savings are of paramount importance in the climate of authorities’ reducing budgets.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps drive improvements and deliver value for money.

The ability to measure your services and compare your performance to similar organisations, means you can identify where improvements may be possible, to improve efficiency and increase your value for money.

Rachel Tanner is one of our Procurement club members and had this to say, 

"I found the benchmarking information report really useful as an initial indicator of how we were performing in comparison to other authorities, but perhaps more usefully being part of the benchmarking club has given me the opportunity to start a more in-depth discussion with a number of authorities, around the operation of the procurement service and the processes adopted.

It has proved a really useful exercise at a time when we, like most authorities, are facing increasing financial challenges; obtaining value for money through procurement is increasingly important." 

Rachel Tanner, Head of Procurement, Lancashire County Council

Warwickshire County Council customer case study

CIPFA's Procurement Benchmarking Club reports have assisted Warwickshire County Council in discovering the true cost of procurement service provision, furnished the team with comparative data and improved staff retention following a remuneration review. 

Paul White, Head of Procurement at Warwickshire County Council gives a detailed account of his experience as a CIPFA benchmarking club member, read the full case study here:

Corporate Services Benchmarking Procurement case study Warwickshire County Council

The questionnaire

Since the latter part of 2017, Warwickshire County Council and CIPFA have been collaborating to develop a Procurement Service benchmarking club designed to provide organisations and Heads of Procurement in particular, with valuable information about their procurement service and how it compares to other procurement services from across the public sector.

The scope of the exercise is extensive and provides answers to questions such as:

  • How much support your central procurement team provides and how much it costs compared to other organisations.
  • How big or small your central procurement team is compared to other organisations.
  • The split between strategic and tactical procurement activity compared to other organisations.
  • How your income generation performance compares to other organisations.
  • How much procurement you do in ‘collaboration’.
  • How your customers satisfaction with the services provided compares to other organisations.


Join and you'll benefit from:

  • Clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires.
  • A draft report which aims to validate your return and give you a taste of the trends and direction of the data.
  • A final report specific to your organisation, which provides tabular and graphically designed key performance indicators, showing how they compare across the full range of benchmarks.
  • An executive summary where key performance indicators are summarised and ready for organisations to use for any internal or external meetings.
  • An anonymous interactive report tool that allows organisations to view any graph presented from the report as well as compare themselves against comparator groups.

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