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Treasury Management Benchmarking Club

This benchmarking club covers treasury management, analysing the previous year’s treasury management activity in terms of investment and borrowing. Club members benefit from meaningful intelligence that can lead to improved service efficiency and performance.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps drive improvements and deliver value for money. By measuring your back office functions and comparing performance to similar organisations, you can identify where changes are needed. Complex factors including vastly reduced budgets, changes to regulations and reduced resources are placing increased pressure on public sector organisations. Treasurers are being challenged more than ever to support business units in very difficult circumstances.

CIPFA can help treasurers benefit from meaningful intelligence by introducing subscribers to a better perspective of current operations. Our benchmarking service allows subscribers to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision, against your preferred comparator. It is an essential start point in transformation and service improvement projects and can help you optimise productivity, enable a culture of continued improvement and evolve by gaining insight into best practice.

Here is the National Summary Report 2017/18 that shows aggregate results from benchmarking club returns. It provides a sample of information that our current club members benefit from. If you are interested in learning more, contact the team.


The process

Investment spreadsheets are provided for members use, so that their monthly balances and returns can be computed on a consistent basis for various types of investment including fixed rate deposits, callable and structured products, notice accounts, money market funds, gilts and bonds, externally managed funds.

We can then compare:

  • rates of interest received and average balances for investments
  • maturity profiles for investments
  • rates of interest paid and balances for temporary and long term borrowing.


Join and you'll benefit from:

  • clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires
  • helpline and email service
  • detailed comparative reports
  • club database, interactive report, collated text questions.

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