Case study: London Borough of Lewisham

Using CIPFA data to improve and inform

How we used the data

We looked for best results reported from other councils and then investigated their practices. Benchmarking is a key tool to be used to implement Policy, best practice, VFM and should not be underestimated. We had no idea where we were in terms of resource, caseload or performance. What did good and/or bad performance actually mean? We wanted to know where we were, good and/or bad and by identifying those delivering 'best in class' services, what we would need to do to improve.

Once we understood what 'good' was, we were better able to identify what we needed to do to improve and where, as a service, we wanted to be.

How this benefited the Council

Enabled us to see where improvements can be made and also where additional, more targeted data would be more meaningful going forward for all.

What challenges have we faced?

Trying to deliver the best without understanding where we were or how we were performing!

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