Public Health Reports

Our comparative reports use the latest Public Health England and DCLG data, bringing it into simple and easy-to-read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how public health services within your authority compare to others.

The public health report has been developed in response to requests from local authorities. Our comparative profiles will enable you to examine how your costs and performance compare across this area of responsibility.

What do we look at? 

This report gives you the comparisons you need to manage all aspects of your service by examining these key areas:

  • sexual health services
  • NHS health check programme
  • public health advice and programmes
  • obesity
  • physical activity
  • substance misuse
  • smoking and tobacco
  • children 5-19 public health programmes.

Our report will draw on data already provided through existing data collections, including DCLG's Revenue Outturn and Public Health England performance data, therefore requiring no additional workload on your part.

What do you get? 

  • a comprehensive reference report and analysis of the dataset
  • the control to select your own comparison groups eg all local authorities, groups such as counties and specific selections of your own choice
  • interactive report – to enable you to look deeper into the data
  • data for ALL English local authorities irrespective of whether they join our benchmarking clubs
  • no input/resource required to fill in questionnaires as we use existing data sources.

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