Information and communications technology

The indicators are intended to apply across the public sector and cover many important areas of ICT activity.

The indicators look to answer key questions, including:

  • Is the ICT function cost-effective?
  • Is the ICT function ensuring that users are trained to a minimum level of competence in using software?
  • Has the ICT function provided a service to users within an acceptable time-frame?
  • How do the average costs of ICT equipment across the organisation compare to others?
  • Does the ICT function support services in undertaking transactional based activities via e-enabled channels?
  • What is the effectiveness of the organisation’s project management of ICT?
  • Are internal customers satisfied with the services provided by the ICT function?

The full scope of the club is provided in the notes of guidance accompanying the questionnaire and covers all aspects of infrastructure, systems, processes and disciplines required to support the effective delivery of business objectives and users of technology across the organisations. 

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