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ASC-FR Reports

Our personal social services: expenditure and unit costs ASC-FR reports are aimed at finance managers, service managers and commissioners. They give you a comprehensive analysis of the data provided in the ASC-FR (previously PSS Ex1) dataset, as released by NHS Digital. Unlike our standard benchmarking clubs, this analysis requires no workload on your part.

What do you get? 

  • a comprehensive analysis of the ASC-FR dataset
  • the control to select your own comparison groups eg all local authorities, groups such as counties and specific selections of your own choice
  • interactive report to enable you to look deeper into the data
  • data for ALL English local authorities irrespective of whether they join our benchmarking clubs
  • no input from you to fill in questionnaires as we use the ASC-FR dataset that all authorities have to complete as the source of data.

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