Revenues Forecast and Reforms


The programme for this event covered issues of interest to local authority revenues practitioners. This series focused on the upcoming NNDR1 return and raised the question of whether it is time for council tax to be changed.


  • Session 1 – The annual forecast of income from NNDR is almost due and we are expecting some changes to the return this year. This session looked at the return and went through a worked example of the return on a line by line basis.

  • Session 2 – The number of objections to council tax seem to be increasing all the time. Collection practices are being called into question with the Treasury select committee calling local government “overzealous". This sessions looked at the current position of Council tax, the call for change and discusses what changes could be made.

  • Session 3 – Gives an update on topical issues revenues practitioners should be aware of. Including changes to legislation an update on case law and tribunal decisions.


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