Councillors' Advisory Network

Elected members have a vital role to play in developing a sustainable vision for their local area, reflecting the needs and priorities of those they represent. As well as shaping service design, they need tools to provide effective oversight and scrutiny. Knowledge of local government finances and governance is key to this. CIPFA's Councillors’ Advisory Network (CAN) – the resource and peer-to-peer advisory network for elected members of local authorities can help. Regardless of whether you have been serving as a councillor for several years or are newly elected and have just stepped into your role, either way, CAN can help you play your vital part in the scrutiny and oversight of council business.

Relevant events, training, short courses and workshops

We’ll be hosting a series of councillor-dedicated events throughout the year – you’d be welcome join us and experience one as a taster.

We’ll cover a range of topics such as: ‘Understanding your Council’s New Financial Reporting Requirements,’ ‘Ensuring Good Governance in Decision Making and Delivery of Council Services,’ ‘Getting to Grips with the New Universal Credit Scheme’ and a ‘Councillors' guide to Local Government Finance and Planning for a Balanced Budget'.

In the meantime please review the topics below that may be of interest:

Governance training, short courses and workshops

Network Essentials training, short courses and workshops

Financial management training, short courses and workshops

Better business cases training, short courses and workshops

Network essentials

A comprehensive directory of Introduction to... workshops for local government practitioners, our essentials modules are offered through CIPFA's various advisory networks and are therefore available at many locations and dates throughout the year.

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Meet your advisor

Mohamed Hans

Mohamed Hans joined CIPFA in 2004 after working as a senior commercial solicitor for a number of West Yorkshire local authorities. He runs CIPFA professional networks on various subjects and sectors with over 200 subscribing authorities.

He represents CIPFA at various key events. He also organises and speaks at workshops and conferences, produces newsletters, and co-ordinates legal, procurement, and insurance queries to support members and promote best practice

He is an expert on the European Public Procurement Rules and has written extensively on this topic as well as developed widely used practitioner toolkits. He is also invited to speak at conferences (UK and abroad) and is often the first point of contact for practitioners understanding complex issues. Contact Mohamed to find out more about this new Councillors’ Advisory Network (CAN) and how to join. E:, T: 01924 461825.

Unlock expert advice and learn from peers

As a subscriber to the Councillors’ Advisory Network you can:

  • unlock a topical, issue-led events programme tailored to councillors
  • keep up-to-speed on the latest political, operational, financial and legislative developments and what they mean for you and your authority
  • enjoy online access to councillor-focused training, introducing you to the issues most aligned with councillor service portfolios
  • get our latest councillor briefings, documents and newsletters
  • meet councillors from other authorities many of whom face the same challenges.

Next steps

Contact Mohamed to find out more about this new Councillors’ Advisory Network (CAN) and how to join. E:, T: 01924 461825.