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The Health and Social Care Finance Advisory Network (HSCFAN) provides timely and practical advice on all aspects of health, public health and social care.

The HSCFAN supports strategy, commissioning and finance practitioners. Subscribers include members of health and wellbeing boards, clinical commissioning groups and those in local authorities who have responsibilities relating to health, public health and social care.

We recently extended our remit to recognise continuing changes in the health and social care landscape. These include the transfer of commissioning functions from primary care trusts to clinical commissioning groups and the NHS Commissioning Board, and the move of public health functions to local authorities.

Subscribers can:

  • use our 'ask an advisor' service to get expert answers to your technical queries
  • communicate and network with peers around the country at special events and webinars
  • access web content, publications and newsletters to keep on top of the latest developments,and
  • use pre-paid places to attend events (so they don't have to be purchased/approved by a manager for each booking) and get discounts on some events.

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