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Onsite training

Whether you want an established course delivered at a venue of your choice, or an entirely new training package crafted to your specific needs, CIPFA’s onsite property training can help your organisation meet new challenges and fill the skills gaps of your people.

Let us design onsite training for you

Let us take the hassle out of training with our specialist team who will manage everything from start to finish, ensuring minimal disruption and delivering excellent results. No job is too big or too small and no training topic is too broad or too niche.

We are dedicated to providing the most relevant and suitable training for your people. We provide a pre-course consultation in order to ensure material has been perfectly tailored to your organisation.

You can commission us to produce bespoke property training that will meet your particular requirements. We can develop onsite property training for you in a wide range of topics, so please do get in touch and let us know what you are looking for 


To give you an example of the sort of areas where we can and have delivered property training in the past, have a look down the following list, but don't let this hamper your thinking.

  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Business Cases
  • Corporate Landlord
  • Whole life Appraisal
  • Investment Strategy
  • Disposal at less than best
  • Capital Strategy
  • Dilapidations
  • Asset Valuation
  • Competition Act
  • Premises Compliance
  • Commerciality
  • Community Asset Transfer
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Option Appraisal
  • Procurement


Training Cost Saving: the cost per delegate is typically less when compared to sending the same number of delegates onto a public training course.

Travel Cost Saving: No need for people to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs.

Flexibility: You can be flexible about who is and who is not attending the training, and make last minute changes.

Local Input: Being onsite means that a local manager can set the scene for the day before handing over to the trainer.

Privacy: Organisational data, procedures and processes can be openly shared within the group.

More Specific: Generally running a course for a single client allows the training to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the organisation

Customised Training: Getting a group together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on the organisation and can discuss real and current examples.

Stronger Teams: Teams can build skills together, boosting productivity and team culture. A room full of delegates from different departments or a mixture of officers and elected members can encourage greater team work, awareness and understanding of each other's roles.

Scheduling: Training can be arranged and delivered to fit in with your needs and availability of your people.

Cutting Edge: By bringing external trainers into your organisation you can ensure that the training is at the cutting edge, and up to date with latest developments and experiences elsewhere.

Professional Development: The training will support your people with keeping up to date with their continuing development, as part of any appraisal or development pathways you have agreed with them. Making people feel more engaged and better supported through training is only likely to have a positive effect on their overall morale and productivity.

For more information download our Onsite Training overview.

If onsite training appeals to you then please do get in touch