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Corporate landlord

The public sector is facing extraordinary cuts, requiring reductions to net budgets up to a third in many cases, while at the same time trying to maintain current service levels and standards. One of the results of this is an increasing focus on the public estate – what it compromises, how it is used, how much it costs and how effectively it is managed.

Within the raised profile references to a ‘corporate landlord approach’ are frequently citied as the way forward to improve effectiveness and deliver efficiencies and this is where our new service is likely to help you deliver significant benefits in the way you manage your land and property assets.

CIPFA Property and Peopletoo have joined together to offer a comprehensive review and service package aimed at maximising the possibilities from a corporate approach to property within your organisation.

CIPFA Property has acknowledged reputation as be if the leader in asset management thinking and development of cutting edge practice within the public sector going back over 15 years. We have carried out numerous reviews of local authority property approaches identifying improvements from strategic planning down to operational delivery.

Peopletoo are expert practitioners in service redesign and implementation and have a track record of supporting organisational change through the development of new operating models, working side by side with council officers to deliver transformation.

Our approach delivers substantial cashable savings, reducing operating costs and generating capital receipts that can help protect front-line services and drive down backlog of maintenance. With a detailed understanding of how council services operated and a focus on maximising social value, we are well placed to deliver sustainable, positive change.

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