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The HAMP network is essential for anyone involved with the management of the highway network asset.

The HAMP network is essential for anyone involved with the management of the highway network asset.

Why is there a need for the HAMP?

The HAMP network is essential for anyone involved with the management of a local authority highways network asset. These are very challenging times within the sector confronted with:

  • reduced budgets and pressures on revenue placing increased focus on efficiency gains and forcing organisations to be more innovative, flexible and responsive to change
  • climate sustainability continuing to be an area of increasing importance with councils expected to set the example
  • a more commercial approach needed by all local authorities
  • making capital decisions and ensuring highways asset strategy is firmly locked into capital planning within the organisation
  • the economic climate placing a burden on organisations to demonstrate the positive impact of infrastructure assets on local regeneration initiatives and deliver social value for neighbourhoods and communities
  • increased public scrutiny of spending decisions and their impact on the condition of the road network
  • housing demand growing with shifting demographics, resulting in pressure to build new homes and keep up with the wider service demands, impacting on the highways asset network
  • increased need for partnership working with both public and commercial sector bodies and implications for managing the infrastructure to deliver efficiencies and service improvement for customers
  • political changes resulting in uncertainty around EU membership, programmes for government and central policy developments.

Benefits of membership for your organisation

The Highways Asset Management Planning (HAMP) Network gives your organisation access to a wealth of benefits, including:

  • tapping into expertise – access to practical support, ideas and advice from our strategic advisors, we are here to help you solve your problems
  • putting you in control – pre-paid and flexible delegate places to each of the three series of HAMP events per subscription year which you can use when you like during the membership year to attend HAMP events in January, May and September  
  • networking opportunities with peers and colleagues at the events. Ability to make ‘calls for help’ raise issues and share experiences and approaches with peers in around 100 other Authorities through our dedicated discussion forum 
  • cutting edge access to the latest good practice from other members of the network – bringing you the latest innovation and bright ideas
  • on topic popular news updates and briefings – practically putting in context what is happening around the UK
  • saving you time – more practical tools, templates, processes and standards for you to take away and adapt in your organisation and to save you reinventing the wheel.

What we will focus on over the membership year

With an ever changing environment in which we operate in it is not possible to be prescriptive about the topic areas we will cover over this forthcoming membership year. 

We need to keep things fluid in order that we can respond to new agendas, however what we do know is that this coming year is again likely to be another one challenging local authority highway asset managers.  Our subject areas will be selected to support you every step of the way in developing and delivering a strategic approach to the management of your network.  More programme details, speakers and dates will become available to you shortly. 

Join today

To view full information about the HAMP please download the HAMP Membership plan. To subscribe please complete the subscription form.

If you have any enquiries please contact our customer services team on T: 020 7543 5600 or email Denise Edwards.

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