On-site training

If you have a large group of staff that would benefit from any of our network training events but the cost for everyone to attend is prohibitive then we are able to offer any of the network events as on-site training at your location. This option can result in a lower ‘per head’ training cost, savings in people’s travel time and of course travel costs

On-site training also allows for an element of tailoring of the training to make it more bespoke to your local issues, circumstances or needs, if appropriate.

Our training offering is not limited to any of our event topics, we can deliver training on a wide range of property related matters, to groups of property staff, senior management or elected members.

If on-site training appeals to you then please do get in touch with our Property Training & Standards Manager Chris Brain on 01275 878 378 for a conversation, so that we can explore options. Or you can make an initial enquiry by email to Chris on chris.brain@cipfa.org