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Property support for schools

Inspiring school business professionals to be the best they can be...

CIPFA Property are proud to support the work of school business professionals throughout the education sector.


As experts in strategic and operational property matters we know what is needed to ensure a schools infrastructure and estate is well managed, not just on a daily basis – but long term. Whether you need training, tools, consultancy or just a friendly bit of advice we are here to help you be the best you can be.


Onsite Training

If you would like a quotation for onsite training please contact

CIPFA Property has collaborated with ISBL to deliver open training:

We are proud to be working closely with the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) as well as the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) to provide guidance and support to school business professionals.  Full details of what the open events cover and how to book can be found on the ISBL website.


Compliance Monitoring for School Premises

In support of the Good Estate Management guidance issued by ESFA, we are providing a FREE school premises compliance guide. 

Download your FREE guide now >

The feedback we have had from those who have used it has been excellent and it is great to know that it is helping schools address this issue which all in the education sector recognise as being of critical importance. We realise that our guide is only one important tool that should form part of a thorough, robust and considered approach to building and premises compliance. Keen to build on this tool, we aim to support schools to remain compliant and safe with a compliance audit service.

CIPFA Property Schools Compliance Audit

The CIPFA Property Schools Compliance Audit provides:

  • A review of school/MAT policy and procedures relating to compliance
  • Site inspection validation and assurance of compliance based activity
  • Key staff/employee interviews relating to compliance
  • A practical and easy to understand report
  • An assessment of current compliance
  • A prioritised forward plan of compliance activity
  • A training needs assessment related to compliance.

Compliance Audit for Schools overview

The cost of the audit, which includes a day spent on site interviewing key staff and visiting all areas of the school (subject to building use), is £1,995 plus VAT contact for more information.

Information Guides

CIPFA Property recognises that school business professionals don't always have the background or expertise to help support their organisations as well as they need to when it comes to looking after school property. That's why we have devised a series of information notes which tackle the most important and critical areas you need to get to grips with if you want to ensure compliance, value for money and efficiency.

Purchase information guide >

Download your Free Condition Survey Specification now >

​Fire Risk Assessments for Schools

CIPFA Property is also one of only 90 British Association of Fire Safety accredited assessors (BAFE SP205). Our staff are also Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors (NAFRAR). Should you wish to commission a fire risk audit for your school please email for a quotation.

Our Experts

David Brindley

David Brindley

Director CIPFA Property

David is a chartered building surveyor, chartered building engineer, registered access auditor and a fire risk assessor. David joined CIPFA is 1999 and has been responsible for the property division since 2003. Read more...

Tim Reade

Head of Property Advisory Services

Tim joined CIPFA in October 2017 from Savills where he specialized in property and asset management. He is a professionally qualified chartered surveyor. Tim works as a Senior Property Consultant within the CIPFA Solutions Team supporting clients across the public sector. Read more...

David Bentley

Head of Asset Management

David is a professionally qualified quantity surveyor with over 35 years’ experience in the public and private sectors. He has been with CIPFA since 1998 and in this time has become known as one of the leading UK experts on property and asset management within the public sector.


Dave Ayre

Property Networks Manager

Dave is a qualified public service manager with extensive experience in the development and implementation of innovative public/private partnerships. Dave manages CIPFA’s Highways Asset Management Planning, Strategic Assets and Property Training Networks and advises on asset management, partnering and wider property issues throughout the UK.

Christopher Allen

Property Advisor

Chris is a CIPFA Property Advisor with extensive experience in the UK public sector. He has delivered strategic services, team management and change management in various capacities as an independent consultant, an officer of a local authority and private sector contractor. Read more...

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