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Strategic Capability Assessment Framework

This interactive tool will help any public sector organisation to understand their strategic capability. Developed in partnership with Essex County Council and practitioners from, health, local government and central government this model will enable you to pinpoint your strategic capability.

How does it work?

The framework is a series of statements that test the strategic capability in your organisation. Guidance underpins each statement so that you know how to evidence the responses. An Excel file hosts the framework making it easy to use and accessible. It is simple to respond to the statements and free text cells are provided so that you can record your ideas or action points. The Excel model has an in-built reporting function which can quickly generate written or graphical results at the click of a button. The model also allows you to share your results with other organisations.

Understand your strategy capability

By completing the self-assessment you will understand your strategic capability and performance. The results will show you exactly the areas in which your capability is high and where your capability is low. This will give you the starting point on which you can develop development plans.

Review and improve, review and improve

The text boxes provided for each statement allow you to store your ideas, notes and action points. As part of the ongoing review of your progress these notes will give you a reminder of where you are and where you want to get to. They can be edited or added-to at any time so that you can keep an ongoing diary of your progress.

Instant reporting

The reporting functions within the model will allow you to quickly view your results in written or graphical format. You will be able to easily visualise your strategic capability. All report pages are in print friendly format. This means that you can share the results easily with your colleagues or management team and this will save you the time of having to generate reports yourself.

Learning from others

The model allows you to share your scores with others. Only by benchmarking against your peers and sharing good practice will you really see how your strategic capability measures up in the wider context. The model has an in-built function where a button click generates a copy of your scores and sends it in an email to us, so it is very easy. You will then receive a report comparing your organisation to others. A discussion forum will also be set up on our website. This will allow you to interact with other users. You will be able to post questions, share good practice and learn from others. This sharing of ideas and information will really help you advance your strategic capability.

Engage with colleagues

The model is a self-assessment tool in nature. However, by 'self' we do not mean that someone in your organisation should complete the assessment alone. On the contrary. Only by colleagues across your organisation feeding in to the assessment will you produce scores that are meaningful and reliable. Engaging with your users and colleagues is a good thing. You will improve relationships, raise your profile and almost certainly learn something useful.

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