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VfM Toolkit

An easy-to-use, visual tool, the VfM Toolkit allows you to track the costs and performance of your services and compare them to your peers.

What does it do?

The VFM toolkit allows you to interpret complex statistical information easily. The interactive toolkit allows you to compare key performance indicators for your council, to similar authorities and the results are presented in easy to understand graphical format.

Services grouped on the top left are good value, bottom right are services offering poor value. The analysis tools then allow you to drill down into the detailed statistics that position your performance against your nearest neighbours.

Version update now available 

The CIPFA team is delighted to report that a completely redesigned version of the tool has now been released to our valued VfM Toolkit customers, containing a number of significant improvements. These updates will include:

  • A newly designed interface to improve ease of use and understanding of results.
  • New summary reporting tool.
  • Additional graphical outputs.
  • Easier analysis of historical trends. 

CIPFA will also be hosting a VfM Toolkit working party to discuss the toolkit and the data that sits behind it. If you would be interested in being part of this discussion please let us know via E:

Why do you need it?

Access data early enough to be useful in planning budgets and identifying efficiency savings for the coming year. 

  • It is a visual tool that gives you the best strategic view of your services comparing cost and performance and allowing you to see that information in relation to your peers.
  • Resources are diminishing, but the public do not want to see services cut. The VfM Toolkit will help you identify areas where efficiency and value for money might be improved.
  • The Localism Act 2011 includes a communities right to challenge, which allows organisations to express an interest in delivering a service that the local authority currently provides. The tool will help authorities show evidence of value for money.

What our customers say

'The CIPFA VfM Toolkit is a useful tool designed with the involvement of local authorities. It enables meaningful comparisons to be made to both aid and evidence the decision making process for the delivery of Value for Money.'
George Spiteri – Value for Money and Performance, Lincolnshire County Council 
'The VfM Toolkit has helped us to ask some difficult questions, consider unit costs, undertake useful comparisons, gain an understanding of best practice used elsewhere, consider local circumstances when making decisions and suggest ways of improving the toolkit.'
Philip Simpkins – Chief Executive, Bedford Borough Council


  • Data is refreshed three times a year to ensure information is up to date.
  • You can select estimated financial data or actuals.
  • Saves you time in collecting data from government departments.
  • Feedback through a consultation to help us shape the service – making sure it meets your needs.


Access to the toolkit is priced at £1,750 + VAT annually, commencing 1st April. 

As an introductory offer those who purchase a 2019/20 subscription to the VfM Toolkit will be able to access the tool free of charge until the 1st April 2019. 

Those who are subscribers to our Full CIPFAstats Internet Subscription package are able to access the model for free as part of their subscription. 

What is the next step?

To speak to an adviser, please click on the blue 'contact us' button and leave us your details. 

For more CIPFA comparison data set information, our products and services brochure is available here.

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