CIPFA's professional accountancy qualifications

CIPFA is the world’s only professional accountancy body that is exclusively dedicated to public financial management. 

A CIPFA qualification gives you the practical and strategic skills required to become an expert public finance professional and gain the globally recognised designation CPFA (Chartered Public Finance Accountant). 

A professional qualification tailored to your aspirations

Professional Accountancy Qualification (CIPFA PQ)

CIPFA’s Professional Accountancy Qualification (CIPFA PQ) is the standout global designation for people who want industry-leading public finance and accountancy careers.

Covering topics from strategic public finance to leadership and integration strategies, the CIPFA PQ puts you among the best in the world.

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PQ International Public Financial Management (IPFM)

Covering topics from global strategic leadership to international finance, CIPFA’s international public financial management qualifications put you on the fast track for global roles in professionalising public financial management.

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CIPFA AAT Apprenticeships

AAT and CIPFA are working together to develop a seamless study pathway for all aspiring finance professionals working in and with public services. 

CIPFA is an approved training provider for AAT qualifications and now offering the new accounting apprenticeship for levels 3 and 4 in England. 

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Specialist qualifications in financial management, IPSAS and more

Financial Reporting for Academies (FRA) courses

Our two unique qualifications give you the expertise and skills you need for a key role in the fast-growing area of academy financial management. You will learn how to manage complex and specialised public-private finance in education - one of the newest, most important and topical public service areas.

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Qualifications in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

As the first professional accountancy organisation to have developed an IPSAS qualification, our focus is to support organisations at any stage of IPSAS adoption, including moving from cash to accruals.

CIPFA has developed IPSAS qualifications which are accessible anywhere via a flexible online learning and assessment programme.

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