CIPFA runs four exam sessions a year to accommodate the needs of our growing student network.

Students can choose to sit their exams at home with the aid of an online invigilator, or at their place of work with a nominated member of staff invigilating their exam.

For further information on sitting your exam with CIPFA, including exam dates, booking deadlines and applying for special arrangements, please follow the guidance outlined below.

September 2020 exams

In line with government guidelines around COVID-19, CIPFA venues will remain closed for the September 2020 exams session. 

Students can instead opt to sit their exams with either an online or local invigilator.

Talk to us

Telephone: 020 7543 5600


What are online (remote) exams?

To deliver our exams and practice tests, CIPFA have partnered with online assessment platform Calibrand to create CIPFA Assessment.

Students sit their exams at home or their place of work and are invigilated by ProctorU.

How are local exams invigilated?

Local exams are taken on the student's computer and are sat at the student's place of work.

These are invigilated by a member of staff at the student's place of work.

How do I practice?

Practice is the key to exam success. At CIPFA we give our students a unique opportunity to hone your exam skills by using our LIVE exam system with practice tests of exam standard questions.

CIPFA does not publish past exam papers.

Exam dates

Exam dates for the 2020 & 2021 exam sessions are now available for download:



For further dates in the CIPFA calendar, please visit Key Dates.

Book your exam

Online bookings for the September exams session are now open.

Bookings made after Friday 31 July will be subject to late fees:

Dates Late fees 
 1 - 7 August  £75 
Thereafter £225

Book your exam

2020 exam sessions

Sittings Exam week
September 07 - 11 September
December 30 November - 04 December

Special arrangements

Students with special needs may be eligible for pre-examination adjustments.

Special arrangements allow students with learning, physical, social and health needs to sit our exams with reasonable modifications.

Applications for the September session are now closed.


Students looking to cancel their exams will have to formally apply for a deferral. CIPFA will only consider deferrals that fall under the following categories:

  • medical
  • bereavement
  • local emergency.

Deferral applications for the September session are now open.

Apply now

Special considerations

If you experienced extenuating circumstances during your exam, you may be entitled to special considerations.

Applications for the June session have now closed, but will re-open for the next exams session on Monday 7 September.

Advance Material 

Advance Material for the September 2020 exams session is now available.


Strategic Public Finance (SPF)

Past papers from previous SPF exams are available for download:

SPF March 2020

SPF December 2019

SPF September 2019

SPF June 2019

Strategic Case Study (SCS)

Past papers from previous SCS exams are available for download:

SCS March 2020

SCS December 2019

SCS September 2019

SCS June 2019

Results days

Exam session Results published 
June 2020 10 July 2020
September 2020 16 October 2020
December 2020 15 January 2021

Access your results

Your exam results will be published on Friday 10 July

To view your marks, please select My Latest Results in My Qualification, or click Feedback & Results in CIPFA Assessment (Calibrand)

If you would like to share your results with your employer, you can do so by adding your manager as an Exam Contact in My Qualification.

Previous exam results

View our pass rates

Download our successful candidates report from the December 2019 exams session:


Appeals for June 2020 results are now closed.

You may appeal against your exam result within 10 working days of receiving your results if you believe: 

  • There is evidence of bias, prejudice or discrimination as defined by the UK Equality Act 2010. 
  • New evidence exists of extenuating circumstances which, for valid reasons, the student could not disclose to CIPFA in line with the published timetable for special considerations applications. 
  • There is evidence of a substantial procedural irregularity with respect to an aspect of the conduct of the exams and/or determination of results. 
Appeals based on any other grounds will be rejected.

How to apply

  1. Download and read CIPFA's 'assessment appeals policy'.
  2. Send an email to Head of Student Services requesting to appeal, including details of your case.
  3. Once your case has been approved by the Head of Student Services, you will be asked to download the 'Appeals application form' and;
  4. Make a payment of £75. Do this by clicking 'Appeal your exam result'.

If you have any questions, please contact

Please confirm that you took each of these precautions prior to sitting your Live Exam:

  • Sat your Live Exam using Google Chrome Browser
  • Ensure that you were using the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Sat and completed the complimentary CIPFA technical test (remote invigilation only)
  • Ensure ProctorU is whitelisted by your internet provider, as instructed in your Candidate Admissions mailing.
  • Specifically for Candidates with TalkTalk and Virgin Media (online invigilation only).

Student regulations

Read our student regulations.

Assessment regulations

Download our assessment regulations.

  Assessment regulations  (docx, 784 KB)

Every year CIPFA recognises our best performing students and celebrates their achievements in a formal ceremony at our Student Conference.

Arthur Collins Memorial Medal 

Is awarded for achieving the highest combined marks in:

  • Strategic Case Study (SCS) 
  • Strategic Public Finance (SPF)

Richard Emmott Memorial Prize

Is awarded for achieving the highest marks in:

  • Strategic Case Study (SCS)

Eric Gilliland Memorial Prize

Is awarded for achieving the highest marks in:

  • Strategic Public Finance (SPF)