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Upcoming webinars

Public sector performance reporting and sustainable development goals

24 September 2020, 10.30 am – 11.30 am

The United Nations' 2030 Development Agenda, more commonly known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is the pre-eminent framework guiding public policy worldwide. As climate change becomes an increasingly important factor in the decision making of governments, sustainability and performance reporting has grown in both relevance and importance for those working in public finance. Expectations are for that trend to continue. Join us for this webinar to discuss the latest frameworks in public sector performance reporting as it relates to the UN's SDGs, explore local government case studies around sustainable reporting and the future of sustainable reporting in the European context.

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Beyond COVID-19 - What’s next in adult social care transformation?

7 October, 2.45 pm - 3.45 pm

This webinar is another in our series of free webinars brought to you by CIPFA, Peopletoo and SCIE.

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A place for prevention

8 October 2020, 11.00 am - 12.15 pm

Placing emphasis on place-based prevention will help mitigate the heavy burden expected to fall on social care services in the coming years and safeguard them in the event that another crisis hits. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of local communities as the guiding force for reform, and the need to focus on prevention as an investment in the future. This event features CIPFA Health and Social Care Policy Manager Dr Eleanor Roy, and speakers from the Royal Society of Public Health and Breaking Barriers Innovations.

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The case for local government reorganisation

10 September 2020

The response to the COVID-19 crisis has revealed stark inequalities throughout local authority service provision in England and shone a spotlight on the need for change in how services are delivered to the people who need them most. One possible solution to this challenge is greater flexibility and decision-making powers for local government to respond to the needs of the citizenry. How can local government powers be further devolved to best meet the needs of their communities? This webinar featured CIPFA CEO Rob Whiteman, Theresa Grant from Northamptonshire County Council and Ian Knowles from West Lindsey District Council.

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The future of adult social care

12 August 2020

Reform of adult social care is long overdue and remains one of the thorniest issues of the UK political landscape. COVID-19 has clearly highlighted weaknesses in the sector’s resilience – and should act as a catalyst for reform. The shift in public perception of health and care services means there may never be a better time to consider what needs to be done to ensure the most vulnerable members of society are receiving the care they need. Join us in this webinar to discuss the past and present of adult social care, and what reforms must take place in a world that has been significantly changed as a result of the pandemic.

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The importance of non-executive directors in a post-COVID world

15 July 2020

In a time of increasing uncertainty and change, the leadership and experience provided by non-executive directors will be essential. Our discussion explored the importance of NEDs, their key roles and responsibilities and why the position will become even more crucial in a post-COVID world. CIPFA CEO Rob Whiteman, Non-Executive Director for the Department for Education Irene Lucas, and Non-Executive Directors' Association Chairman Graham Durgan joined us to share their experiences as NEDs and provide insights for those considering pursuing NED roles.

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Social Care: Recovery and reform webinar after COVID-19

8 July 2020

CIPFA, SCIE & Peopletoo recognise that finance and social care leaders are facing enormous challenges in the coming months and years ahead. This webinar brought together strategic decision-makers across all channels of social care delivery to address pivotal aspects to the recovery and reform of children and adult social care services. CEOs, CFOs and Directors of Children's Services explored the key challenges of commissioning, anticipating and planning for demand the challenges of financing social care from the corporate centres position. A panel session followed providing further insights and strategies in response to these key themes.

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Decision making in a VUCA environment

2 July 2020

COVID-19 has posed a series of unexpected challenges to many different sectors and organisations. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – even in pre-COVID times, this could form a recipe for disaster within an organisation. CIPFA's Brendan McCarron and Benjamin Taylor from Red Quadrant join us in this webinar focused on how to make the best decisions for yourself and your organisation in a VUCA environment.​

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Understanding the economic impacts of COVID-19: Macro and local government perspectives

18 June 2020

Join Jeffrey Matsu, CIPFA Chief Economist, and David Phillips, IFS Associate Director, as they discuss the macro economic impacts of COVID-19 and its implications for local government. Jeff will provide a context for assessing the risks and opportunities that lay ahead for governments, businesses and households while David will discuss financial resilience and regional spending patterns using recent survey data.

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The fraud implications of COVID-19

4 June 2020

As in any crisis, fraudsters will be making the most of COVID-19 to take advantage of those who are seeking help. As public sector finance professionals, we must do everything we can to prevent fraud and mitigate against it occurring again in the future. In a continuation of a previous fraud webinar focused on the impact of COVID-19, CIPFA's Head of Counter Fraud Policy and Strategy Laura Hough and Neil Green from the Government Internal Audit Agency provide an updated perspective two months into the pandemic. Those who attend will hear about current fraud risks, and what public sector professionals should expect to see as the crisis continues.

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How to be an effective leader in a crisis

29 May 2020

Providing effective leadership within your organisations is critical – especially in times of unprecedented crisis. Sir Michael Barber, former Head of the Prime Minister Tony Blair's Delivery Unit, and Joanna Killian, CEO of Surrey County Council, share their experiences and advice on how to overcome unexpected challenges in this timely webinar focused on crisis management.

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Personal resilience in a crisis

22 May 2020

How can leaders drive the objectives of their organisations while maintaining their own personal resilience during a time of crisis? The COVID-19 pandemic has created a whirlwind of unexpected challenges across many different sectors. Remaining resilient in the face of an unprecedented crisis can be more difficult than ever as the lockdown continues without end in sight.

Industry leaders including CIPFA CEO Rob Whiteman, Kirsty Hannah from Nicholson McBride and Brendan McCarron from CIPFA provide expert insight and advice on how to be a resilient leader during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Local government in the age of COVID-19: How to deal with short term cash crises

19 May 2020

Amid an unprecedented global pandemic, local authorities are facing greater financial pressures than ever before. This webinar provides expert insight into the challenges of balancing local authority budgets; the role and responsibilities of the s.151 officer and consideration of potential s.114 notices. Speakers include CIPFA President Carolyn Williamson, CIPFA Associate Director Andrew Burns and Local Government Association Deputy Chief Executive Sarah Pickup.

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