Better Business Cases™ – Foundation

Training to increase the skills of those involved in preparing or reviewing business cases.

About this Course

Jointly developed by HM Treasury and the Welsh Government, Better Business Cases™ provides candidates with a systematic and objective approach to the complete lifecycle of business case development. 

Utilising the HM Treasury Green Book Guidance on Public Sector Business Cases and the Five Case Model, this accredited training considers how business cases are prepared, reviewed and challenged in order to teach participants how to develop high-quality, collaborative business cases that offer real value to the business. 

The full accreditation is delivered in two stages – Better Business Cases™ Foundation and Better Business Cases™ Practitioner, with students having to pass the Foundation qualification prior to sitting the Practitioner. 

Who is it for?  

  • Decision-makers, managers and business case developers required to successfully deliver programmes and projects.
  • Project managers and teams responsible for proving a case for investment.
  • Officers involved in the review of proposals.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the lifecycle of business cases in relation to the Five Case Model.
  • Business case framework including how to address key questions.
  • A structured way of thinking.
  • A step-by-step approach.
  • Collaborative working.  

When and where?

This course is offered in-house, online and at locations across the UK.

For details on completing the course online, click here and watch our demonstration video

Running the course at your location can help save you money and allow you to tailor content to suit your organisation’s needs and context. For more information, click the blue button to contact customer services.

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Better Business Cases is a trade mark of Her Majesty’s Treasury.

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