Certificate in corporate governance

Learn how to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders to position your organisation for success with the Certificate in Corporate Governance.

About this course

CIPFA’s unique relationship with the public sector has allowed us to identify the need for a practical and relevant corporate governance training programme to increase the knowledge and skills of those responsible for making governance work in public bodies. 

The Certificate in Corporate Governance utilises real-life case studies and expert theory to ensure delegates learn the approaches, mechanisms and relations to guarantee their organisations are appropriately constituted and structured to operate effective direction and control to mitigate risk. 

Delivered via seven modules over a six-month period, this training programme enables students to successfully achieve business goals via transparency, accountability and efficiency, examining best practice in all aspects of public sector corporate governance.

Who is it for?  

  • Staff who support the board.
  • Staff with no formal training, but a responsibility for governance. 
  • Middle to senior level or aspiring managers.
  • New or aspiring board members.

What will you learn?

  • How to apply the corporate governance fundamentals in the public sector.
  • How to establish and maintain a strategically effective framework.
  • How to identify business risk with a potential impact on corporate governance. 
  • The role of the board and those with whom they interact. 
  • Management of internal and external relationships. 

CPD hours 

63 hours.

When and where?

This course is offered in-house and at locations across the UK.

Running the course at your location can help save you money and allow you to tailor content to suit your organisation’s needs and context. For more information, click the blue button to contact customer services.

For upcoming date and location details, click the green button to search our events calendar.

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