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CIPFA International Diploma in Financial Crime Management

One of the world’s leading certified financial crime management training programmes, designed for those who wish to increase their knowledge and competency in the total management of financial crime.

All CIPFA members and employees of organisations that subscribe to the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre receive 10% off the price of this course.

About the programme

This programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage the totality of the financial crime spectrum, from the prophylactic aspect (prevention and detection) through to the reactive element (investigations). 

It is taught by qualified anti-financial crime practitioners from the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, all of whom have extensive experience of financial crime management. 

The principles and concepts are grounded in good practice gained from real-life experience and research from across the globe, making this programme truly international in both scope and application.

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What will I learn?

Module 1

Module 1 sets the context of the programme by providing in-depth knowledge of:

  • internationally recognised financial crime typologies and the global frameworks designed to help counter them
  • international good practice in the areas of financial crime risk management and assessment and the corporate governance framework needed to implement and maintain this
  • the principles of risk management and risk life-cycles in the context of financial crime
  • risk responses, controls and the concept of assurance
  • how to plan and undertake an entity-wide financial crime risk assessment exercise
  • creating an anti-financial crime culture within an organisation, including the critical issue of whistleblowing
  • response plans appropriate to financial crime events.

Module 2

Module 2 equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to lead and manage financial crime investigations in anticipation of legal or other similar proceedings. It covers:

  • the practicalities of how to investigate allegations and incidents of financial crime, from first notification through to the reporting of findings
  • the intermediate key-investigative steps of planning, identifying and gathering evidence, witness and suspect management and investigative interviewing
  • the conceptual frameworks within which financial crime investigations can be managed and the application of best practice standards.

Who is the course aimed at?

It has been designed for:

  • auditors
  • risk-managers
  • anti-bribery and corruption compliance officers
  • financial crime compliance officers
  • investigators
  • investigation managers
  • inspectors
  • sub-inspectors.


The CIPFA International Diploma in Financial Crime Management is completed over 25 days, which includes 10 days classroom learning. 

Assessment and accreditation

The course is assessed via an exam at the conclusion of Module 2, consisting of short answer/multiple choice questions, and two post-course assignments, one relating to each module. 

When you have successfully completed the programme, you will receive a formal CIPFA diploma.

CIPFA membership

On successful completion of the programme, you can apply for CIPFA Affiliate membership. If you’re not already a CIPFA member, this is a great way to access a wealth of resources and networking opportunities.

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The price of the programme varies depending on where it is delivered. Please contact CIPFA to discuss the available options.

All CIPFA members and employees of organisations that subscribe to the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre receive 10% off the price of this course.

This course carries 175 CPD hours

All CIPFA training counts towards your continuing professional development (CPD). If you are a CIPFA Chartered Member, you are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of relevant CPD activity each year as part of maintaining your professional competence and to develop skills and knowledge.

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