Open Book Processes 2018

Open Book Processes

The only recognised accredited programme in the UK for ensuring value for money through collaboration and partnering.

About the course

Open book processes can be an effective mechanism for generating cost savings and improving value for money – if they are well understood and effectively implemented.

CIPFA’s Open Book Processes course will help you to develop an understanding of and a strategy for implementing open book systems and processes.

You will:

  • learn how to create dynamic and innovative ways of operating that will support the overall delivery of value for money within your services
  • understand the key skills required to develop and manage sustainable improvements to your business plans.

The course is delivered in association with our training partner for Open Book Processes, Stradia Ltd. and is jointly accredited with CIMA.

Who is the course aimed at?

The Open Book Processes course is aimed at all client and contract partner staff who wish to develop and improve their practical understanding of open book tools and techniques.


The course is completed over three days of classroom learning.

Course outline

Below is a summary of what the course covers. Please download the course brochure for full details.

  • Session 1 – The Procurement Process
  • Session 2 – Initiating open book accounting processes
  • Session 3 – Managing an open book accounting contract
  • Session 4 – Techniques for reducing cost
  • Session 5 – Corporate governance and auditing
  • Session 6 – Team structure
  • Session 7 – Performance improvement
  • Session 8 – Workshop review
  • Session 9 – Open book processes in practice
  • Session 10 – Personal development
  • Session 11 – Examination leading to CIPFA/CIMA accreditation


You will be assessed by examination on the last day of the course.


On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a CIPFA and CIMA certificate.

In-house delivery

In addition to our open courses, Open Book Processes can also be delivered in-house and at your location, saving you valuable time and money.

This is especially cost-effective for organisations interested in training a number of individuals or whole teams and requires a measure of flexibility in delivery.

For more information about running the course in-house, contact us at:

CPD hours

This course carries 21 CPD hours. 

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