Contract Management In Waste Contracts - Get It Right To Avoid A Load Of Rubbish!


Event summary

A new event from the CIPFA Procurement Network designed to support public sector practitioners manage waste services contracts. The event has been specially developed to provide detailed knowledge, understanding, and practical know-how to effectively manage one of the most complex and competed contracts for public sector organisations. The event will support you develop an effective Contract Management Plan (CMP) which will allow the contracting authority to achieve contract objectives, ensure value for money and support you with ongoing supplier relationship. It will look at approaches to different types of contracts, how they can be monitored and provide an insight into complexity of waste operations. Furthermore, how a Pain and Gain Sharing Agreement allows a contractor to share profits or cost savings, as well as losses due to errors or cost increases.


07 December 2023
Starts: 09:30
Ends: 15:30



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About this event

Who should attend?

The webinar will support procurement, finance, solicitors, project managers or operational  managers and officers responsible for managing waste contracts for public bodies.

How will you benefit?

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Understand main policy interventions affecting waste contracts.
  • Find out the most relevant documents for a contract manager, which form part of the contract, and how they link together.
  • Explanation of the content and purpose of a mobilisation plan.
  • The role of the Contract Management Team (CMT) in the governance of a contract.
  • How KPIs help CAs measure how well a Contractor is performing compared to their strategic goals and objectives.
  • Why due to the value, length and scope of waste management contracts, a risk register is essential to manage the possibility of financial and operational failure.
  • The purpose and content of a communication plan for contract meetings, closure and renewal procedures.

CPD hours

A total of 5.5 hours.


  • Alternative service delivery
  • / Commercialisation
  • / Commissioning
  • / Risk management
  • / Sustainability
  • / Value for money

Speaker - Mohamed Hans, Procurement Advisor, CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network (CPCN)

Mohamed Hans

Mohamed joined CIPFA in 2004, after working as a senior commercial solicitor for a number of West Yorkshire local authorities. He is an expert on the European Public Procurement Rules, and has written extensively on this topic. He has also developed widely-used practitioner toolkits. He is also invited to speak at conferences (UK and abroad) and is often the first point of contact for practitioners understanding complex procurement issues. He manages the CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network, which has nearly 100 member authorities.

Tel: 07717 345188.

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