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CIPFA Property Conference - how is it delivered?

CIPFA Property Sustainability Conference 2020 goes digital

Sustainability Conference 2020

CIPFA now delivers all its network events and conferences online. 

This method of delivery is a response to the changing ways in which the world now communicates. Advances in communication technologies allow us to operate in more sustainable ways that meet the expectations of our members and the organisations throughout both the public and private sector with whom we liaise and support. It also facilitates a more direct and accessible link to those who we support. All aspects of Sustainability 2020 will be delivered by the CIPFA online e-learning training platform GoTo Training. 

Delegates and speakers will be sent log in details for the sessions being delivered along with a detailed conference programme. As well as having a main conference webinar channel operating throughout the day where keynote speakers will deliver sessions, side webinars hosting deep dive case study workshops will be facilitated allowing delegates to exit and join those aspects of the conference programme they are most interested in at their leisure. 

For delegates attending Sustainability 2020 all keynote speeches can be accessed and up to four of the eight workshops on offer. This variety replicates the level of exposure to keynote speeches and deep dive case study workshops delivered during Regeneration 2019 and is a mix we know to be highly successful.