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Why attend?

Sustainability 2020 addresses the topics surrounding housing, technology, planning and ethical investments in the UK.

Sustainability Conference 2020

80% of the built stock in 2050 is already in existence now. So what should public sector organisations be doing now to ensure they are acting in more responsible and sustainable ways?

How can existing stock be managed better so as to ensure carbon footprints can be reduced without compromise on building utility and effectiveness?

How can they partner more effectively with commercial organisations in a safe and secure way in order to leverage property and infrastructure knowledge and skills that will help them deliver at both national, regional and local levels?

Explore all these issues at Sustainability 2020&

Get to grips with the strategic issues of the day and get practical examples of how successful and environmentally sustainable asset based outputs can be achieved in a commercially viable way.

Whether public or commercial sector based, leave the day with a host of practical tips, tools, knowledge and contacts to help you effect sustainable change in your property and asset activity. The conference on 26 November aims to supply inspiration, insight and food for thought, but above all, practical help and examples of where successful best practice projects have been delivered.

Benefits of attending

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • gain insight and inspiration from thought leaders, experts and senior figures in roles that provide unique insight into ways in which sustainability measures could, should and will affect the jobs we do and the way we live our lives.
  • hear about approaches to being more sustainable through examination of the circular economy and how we can achieve environmental goals in a commercially viable way
  • understand how sustainability agendas and projects are delivered with positive economic outcomes across the public sector, particularly through partnerships in the areas of housing, new technologies, planning and investments
  • explore options and considerations for planning a sustainability road map for your organisation in relation to its buildings and infrastructure. Understand how this might be funded, managed and delivered at the grass roots level
  • connect with fellow public sector property professionals, sustainability managers and key finance decision-makers
  • create your own programme with our themed 'deep dive' workshops.

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