Exhibitors and sponsors

Find out more about the exhibitors and sponsors at Wales 2018:

CIPFA Wales Conference 22 November Cardiff

Federated Investors

FederatedFederated Investors (UK) LLP is a UK subsidiary of Federated Investors, Inc. – one of the largest investment managers in the US, managing $398bn in assets as of 30/06/2018. With AAA rated Money Market Funds and separately managed account options, Federated provides comprehensive investment cash management solutions to institutions and intermediaries, especially UK corporations, government entities, universities and colleges.



Reimagine your organisation’s potential. 

At Advanced, we help our public sector customers reimagine their IT infrastructure through delivering connected technology and digital transformation to local authorities. 

Our financial management solutions drive the business success of thousands of organisations delivering sustainable growth, whilst keeping costs and risks under control.


CCLA logo

CCLA has managed local authority funds for over 40 years and charitable funds for 60 years.  We are able to meet your short, medium and long-term financial requirements. 

In an environment of persistent low interest rates, some allocation of long term funds to higher yielding assets is increasingly considered a prudent diversification of resources.