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VAT in local authorities e-learning

A unique suite of e-learning modules developed in partnership with Deloitte

The modules are designed to create awareness of VAT issues and help staff to understand the implications of their actions, thus leading to the mitigation of risks and costs for the council. 

The key features that allow this are:

  • ‘on demand’ access to VAT e-learning materials for your staff 
  • increased engagement on VAT issues with reduced downtime/travel costs 
  • ability to raise awareness and learning efficiently across a wider range of staff.

The six interlinked but detachable modules cover:

  • Module 1: Introduction to VAT 
  • Module 2: The VAT treatment of Income 
  • Module 3: Recovery of VAT on Expenditure 
  • Module 4: Errors and Penalties
  • Module 5: Partial Exemption
  • Module 6: Land and Property

Courses are accessed by users directly from Deloitte’s online portal ‘on demand’. This means that the users can access the courses in their own time and at their own speed, picking up and leaving them as required. Pricing for annual access starts at around £60/package per user and there are a number of different packages available to suit the needs of different staff.

Who is it relevant for?

The modules are relevant for all staff who make decisions affecting VAT – including but not limited to:

  • the central finance team 
  • accounts payable 
  • accounts receivable 
  • the procurement team 
  • directorate or capital finance and administration staff.

Key features and customisation

The key features of the modules include the following:

  • six integrated modules which can be used to build a tailored training program to meet the needs of individual staff
  • the VAT content has been developed by Deloitte’s local authority VAT experts and so is directly relevant to local authorities
  • the e-Learning methods are developed by Deloitte’s in house e-Learning experts – to ensure maximum user engagement and retention
  • each module includes user assessment/certification.


The local authority will be able to monitor reports on usage which will identify:

  • the users of each module
  • the status of progress including number of module attempts, and time taken
  • the scores achieved
  • these will be provided to the local authority subscriber on request.

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