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Introduction to public procurement


Event summary

This webinar supports practitioners who are starting their procurement careers, or those who need to refresh their knowledge on the role and function of procurement.


29 November 2022
Starts: 09:45
Ends: 15:40

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About this event

The response to the global pandemic has further emphasised the important role of public procurement in ensuring the effective operation and financial resilience of an organisation. This webinars offers comprehensive coverage of all key procurement provisions, best practice, and skills to ensure they can confidently manage tender processes. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and also take part in practical exercises, online polls and follow-up surgery.

Who should attend?

The event is aimed at new staff taking up a role in the procurement team, as well as experienced staff who have had no formal procurement training or who would like to refresh their knowledge and skills. Also, other staff who have responsibility for making procurement decisions, tendering or contract management will also benefit from this event.

How will you benefit from attending?

The event will offer you an opportunity to:

  • develop practical understanding of key provisions relating to public procurement
  • understand different procurement procedures to support tendering for supplies, services and works contracts
  • introduce to framework agreements, light touch regime and other key concepts
  • get an update on recent case law and future directions of public procurement in the UK
  • take part in practical exercises and online polls to apply knowledge to real-life scenarios

CPD hours

Five and a half.


  • Accounting
  • / Audit
  • / Commissioning
  • / Local government
  • / Risk management
  • / Value for money

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Speaker - Mohamed Hans, Procurement Advisor, CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network (CPCN)

Mohamed Hans

Mohamed joined CIPFA in 2004, after working as a senior commercial solicitor for a number of West Yorkshire local authorities. He is an expert on the European Public Procurement Rules, and has written extensively on this topic. He has also developed widely-used practitioner toolkits. He is also invited to speak at conferences (UK and abroad) and is often the first point of contact for practitioners understanding complex procurement issues. He manages the CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network, which has nearly 100 member authorities.

Tel: 07717 345188.

Speaker - Walter Akers, Partner, RSM UK Consulting

Walter Akers

Walter specialises in advising enterprises on procurement, commercial contract risk and maximising value from complex commercial arrangements. He has a track record of successfully delivering evidence-based improvement, cost savings and performance recovery on large complex contractual arrangements. He has played a pivotal role in leading commercial and contract transformation and change programmes to deliver efficiency, control and cost improvement.